#Fail #reboot #restart

The idea that this blog would follow my stay in Istanbul faithfully step-by-step and day-by-day failed as I was so busy in the week I spent there that there just was no time. Our schedule was quite full and add to that the difficulty of coordinating 17 adults with their own ideas what to do and where to go and you have a sometimes frustrating experiences where the majority is waiting for two or three individuals. I’m not complaining as I was in both situations. I guess this is normal.

But! But! Before anyone gets the idea that I didn’t like it I have to disabuse them of this notion. Istanbul is the most exciting and beautiful city I’ve been to. I fell in love with the city! And I will be back. I’m serious. I even started to learn Turkish as soon as I arrived in Berlin. If you have to learn Turkish anywhere outside of Turkey Berlin is probably the best choice. So twice a week now I’m going to classes so that next time which will hopefully be soon – I’m aiming for March or so next year – I will be able to at least communicate a little bit, read street signs and the like. It’s a really interesting language as you (you being a person only speaking indo-european languages) have to forget all your preconceived concepts on how a language is structured. So, a bit of a challenge but very welcome.

As the project we are working towards – why I actually went to Istanbul with a group – is continuing during the next few months, there is still time and opportunity to use this blog. So slowly I’m going to put some photos on this site and add some texts I’ve written here and in Istanbul, trace my steps, share research and the like. Maybe the next thing should be a explanation what kind of project this is, who is involved and what we plan to do.


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