urbanISTanbul in Berlin, Projektraum Bethanien

Foto: Ania Kasziot

Foto: Ania Kasziot

A new installment in the Istanbul project initiated by Klaus Eisenlohr at the Photocentrum  at the Gilberto Bosque Volkshochschule Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. urbanISTanbul again got together photographers from Berlin who went to Istanbul for a week in October 2015 and put together an exhibition. It opens on September 2nd at Projektraum Bethanien in Berlin. 13 photographers collected impressions and pictures of a city that is in the process of massive change – physical, social, political.

Valie Djordjevic: Procedures for forgetting
Valie Djordjevic: Procedures for forgetting

I am glad that I was able to participate again. My work is called „Procedures for forgetting“. The title is taken from a book by the French philosopher Michel de Certeau „The practice of everyday life“. One chapter is about walking in the city. There he describes how the practice of mapping means that the actual city gets forgotten. What I wanted to capture are different ways of experiencing a city (in this case Istanbul) that are going beyond looking at buildings. My pictures are metaphors for some of the stories and constructions that are happening. I will write more about it soon.

The exhibition is still open until September 11th at Projektraum Bethanien. More info at www.urbanistanbul.de.


„Exploring Istanbul“ in Kadıköy

Unsere Ausstellung „Exploring Istanbul“ wird nun in Istanbul selbst gezeigt und zwar im Bariş Manço Kültür Merkezi 9. bis zum 30. November 2013 täglich von 10-18 Uhr.

Mehr zum Projekt kann man aus dieser Broschüre erfahren (PDF, türkisch/deutsch/englisch).

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Ein Projekt des Photocentrum am Wassertor, Berlin, und des Städtepartnerschaftsvereins Kadıköy e. V.